Monday, April 21, 2008

My Lost Identity!

A few months ago my Passport was stolen at San Francisco Airport. After a harrowing experience of feeling like some sort of illegal alien, I was able to get an Emergency Passport and be on my way again. Last week I went to renew my Passport. After going through all the hoops of showing my birth certificate, marriage certificate and various other forms of proving my identity, I accidentally put down my folder whilst in a shop - again, my identity was once again lost.

After feeling pretty bad about it all I started to reflect on identity. Surely I am worth more than the papers that happen to inform the world of who I am! Have we been reduced to who we can prove ourselves to be?

Well unfortunately the papers have not been found and I don't know whether they ever will be, but one thing I do know is that we are all worth much more than any government, society or political system can reduce us to. I remember hearing John Lennon say that we as a society can't even go from one piece of land to another (Canada to USA) without silly bits of paper with funny rubber stamp imprints, anymore! "Imagine!"

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