Monday, December 21, 2009

And So This Is Christmas...

It has been a very amazing, yet different year for me, 2009.

Moving back to Woodend has enriched my soul, being so close to nature and to wildlife. Taking time to rest and recoup has been an important part of this year's journey.

Christmas is a time to stop and give thanks for the year that has been and take hope that new things are around the corner. In Jesus' birth there eminates hope for the world; new life and new beginnings. We can take on that promise for 'a new start' any time of the year, any moment of the day, but especially at the celebration of the birth of the Christ-child.

May this year's end and the new year's beginning bring forth into your lives hope and joy and the knowledge that love can make all the difference to this world we live in. "Love"

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