Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An Achidna - Blissfully Intentional

Learning to live in bliss is something that becomes easier, with time. I am finding that by purposefully and intentionally deciding to be happy and see the goodness in the situation, such feelings are coming more naturally.

Instead of being stressed by being late for an appointment, I remind myself that all is well and to be grateful for the ability to travel and make plans. I contemplate how being held up may suit a higher purpose and my purpose is not to question or to beat myself up - mine is to lovingly accept and trust that all is well.

Is it better to be anxious or to trust? Am I saying to the my God, I am angry and annoyed with this situation or am I saying I trust that all things are working together for good and that Your way is higher than my way? I am choosing the later.

It is amazing how, with this type of thinking, the world has seemed to slow down for me. I feel less rushed and compelled to meet any deadline, yet in doing so I am meeting deadlines easily and in a more relaxed way.

I choose life and I allow life's occurrences to gently steer me in ways of love and life. I don't need to push against or push my way through life. Life always chooses for my best. I just need to trust it! In doing so I feel a deep sense of being on purpose in my life and living in bliss.

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