Monday, November 15, 2010

A Reignited Passion

Many moons ago, maybe in a previous lifetime, when I was at high school, I learned the clarinet. I loved the melodic tones that can only resonate through a woodwind instrument and I endeavored to learn. Well after a time, and the introduction of braces to my teeth, I let go the desire to learn and there that desire lay, somewhere in the back of my consciousness, until the other day.

It was a Sunday afternoon and after the dedication of my amazing twin nephews, the extended family decided to go to a near by Sunday market. It was great We wandered around row by row, marveling at this, laughing at that - that's when I saw it. Well actually I just saw the case and my heart jumped. I went over to the attendant of the stall and he said in his lyrical accent, "Ah it belonga to mya son, but he no want it anymore. I pay good money for ita buta now he noa play...too busy doinga his studies." He purposefully and intentionally opened the case, which felt like it was in slow-motion, to reveal a pristine alto clarinet. "May I?" I asked, and I began to assemble it, placing each piece lovingly together. After holding it, and fingering notes for some time I ask, "How much?" The question that had to be asked and in my head I am thinking $500 - $600. "Cost me alota money, my sona, you know...ummm....$150 negotiable." That was a bargain I nonchalantly disassembled it, put it back in the box and said I would think about it.

The next step was convincing hubby, the other partner of my financial estate, whether I should get it. We talked pro's and con's and to my surprise, after picking my heart back up off the pathway, he said, "Go for it"

I meandered back over to the stall, again looking at the box, which was now open and on display to the world, and I said, "I'll take it" I know I could of haggled on the 'negotiable' bit, but I knew I was getting a bargain and I was happy.

Tune in to my next blog on "Why does my Clarinet Sound Like a Goose On Heart?"


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Dragonsally said...

That is one heck of a bargain. well done.